Q: What are you asking me to do?

A: In this exciting season, we’re asking you to focus on the Unrivaled One, surrender afresh to Him, trust Him in whatever He's asking you to do, and make a sacrificial commitment toward the Unrivaled initiative. Pray and seek the mind of the Lord as to how He would have you respond.

Q: What if I have never given to Bay Area or a church before?

A: Unrivaled was created with you in mind and this is a wonderful opportunity to begin! Giving is an act of worship – it’s one of the many ways we can respond to what God has done for us and demonstrate our trust in Him. We are all on a journey of generosity, and whether you are just beginning to give or have given sacrificially for a long time, this is an opportunity to grow closer in your relationship with the Lord.

Q: Should I give if I have personal debt?

A: Remember the two financial principles of a faithful steward: First, God owns it and I steward it. Second, we are to first Give, then Save and finally Live on the rest. Yes, we would encourage you to give of the first fruits of what God provides. We encourage you to work hard to pay off your debt; when you have done so, you will be able to increase your giving.

Q: What if my financial situation changes in the next two years?

A: Respond as the Lord leads. Many will be able to give more than their commitment, and we praise God for that. However, due to job loss or other unexpected circumstances, some might not be able to fulfill their commitment. In that case, email finance@bayareacc.org and we will work with you to adjust your commitment.


Q: Can I designate gifts?

A: Our desire is that every person in our church family would support the entire vision of Unrivaled. However, if you feel strongly about designating gifts to a particular initiative within Unrivaled, we would be glad to talk with you about that – email finance@bayareacc.org.

Q: What does this mean for The Descendants Project?

A: The second area of impact through Unrivaled is continued investment in our children and students. The Descendants Project is now enfolded into Unrivaled as we fulfill our commitment to discipling future generations.

Q: How does Unrivaled address debt elimination?

A: Bay Area is committed to being good stewards of God’s resources, continually asking Him for and working toward a debt-free facility. Our desire is to pay $3 million toward the cost of construction for our new children and student spaces during Unrivaled. Additionally, roughly 5 percent of the $11 million designated for ongoing ministry over the next two years, as in years past, will go toward debt service. Following this two-year initiative, we will continue to faithfully pay down our remaining debt. 

Q: What if something unplanned comes up that we haven't budgeted for?

A: We have diligently sought the mind of the Lord regarding where He would have us invest during Unrivaled, but no one can fully anticipate the future. It’s inevitable that unforeseen circumstances will arise; in the case of such an event, we have flexibility within our allocations for expanded impact.

Q: What if we don't reach our goal?

A: We’re trusting God to provide the $16.5 million, but if giving doesn’t meet that goal we will first fully fund our current ministry budget, then use the resources God provides to pay for ongoing construction and expanded impact opportunitie

Q: What if we exceed our goal?

A: Hallelujah! We'll be able to invest more toward the total cost of construction for children and students as well as resource more ministry from here to the nations.


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